Alana Joy

Hi there internet, I’m Alana Joy. You can call me AJ. Miss Joy if you’re nasty.

I talk too much. Writing helps.


I’ve been pushing pixels since 1996: started in AOL Chatrooms now we’re here.


I’m founder and principal at Creatv and the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CloudEngage. Blockchain enthusiast. Relentless GoalDigger. Risk taker. Serial Entrepreneur. Bottom liner. Lover of good food, art, people.


Curious, aware, inspired. Feminist, optimist, catalyst.

Mother. Wise ass. Ballbreaker. Troublemaker. Heartbreaker. Game changer.

Music maker: I only rap caucasionally.

I’m writing a book. By Any Memes Necessary.


NY – MIA – LAX – PDX: I’ve been around the world and oy oy oy…


“Don’t fu*k with writers. We’ll describe you.”

Homepage art by Tony Futura. Check him out, he’s dope.

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